New features :
Complete Prepar3D V2.x support
– Ifly support thru iFly to FSUIPC V2.x module (not usable for failures).
TCAS Alert feature
– Frozen fuel feature

– Sim rate control: X1 and X2 for Environment module
– time & Season control

– Radio & XPDER now allow only permit values
– Slew Up/Down have smother move
– Black-Box csv file: add Time and remove a shift column
– You can choose to keep the pause mode after to move the aircraft to a gate or runway
– new setting to display aileron trim instead of GForce on the aircraft module
– PRO Users can change background to customize:
– Fuel module
– Pushback module
– The menu HELP opens the handbook
– Internet check for FS Instructor new release
– Weight module has been adapted for light plane
– Fix Weight module: fuel weight was wrong
– New Log system to improve performance
– new FSUIPC DLL version 2.4
– Standard FS Failures are no longer sent if you set into PROSIM mode
– Rewritten Failure Prosim module. Some people had issues with the XML extraction
– Add features into MOTION module