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If you are interesting by this product, tell us and we will send you a full trial version.


Software to prepar a FNTP certification with FSX, Prepar3D 32-bit and XPLANE.

  • Create your own scenarios/tests based on mQTG/rQTG guides,
  • Record these tests,
  • Obtain jpg or pdf export files with all recorded events.

We provide over fifty different events ready to record but you can also customize the tool by creating your specific offsets.

 The workflow


Feature list

Create reports with:

  • Monitoring of data
    • From FSX, P3D V1 to V4, XPLANE 10 and 11
    • Manage yourself the list of data you need
    • Evaluation criteria. Specify the main parameter(s) under scrutiny during the test
    • Expected result including tolerances
    • Thresholds
  • Fields for;
    • Test objective. This should be a brief summary of what the test is intended to demonstrate
    • Demonstration procedure. This is a brief description of how the objective is to be met
    • References. These are the airplane data source documents including both the document number and the page/condition number
    • Initial conditions. A full and comprehensive list of the flight simulator initial conditions
    • Flight conditions
    • Test checklist – Actions to do before to start to record
    • COMMENTS – free area to add specific texts.
  • Export to PDF, JPG files or raw data (csv)


License information

  • It is a Life-time license. You pay only once.
  • Two options:
    • Single site = licence for ONE simulator
    • Multi site = licences for all your sim in one location




  • Windows Vista to Win 10 – 32 and 64 bits
  • Screen resolution higher than 800 x 600
  • .NET Framework 4.6
  • Peter Dowson’s FSUIPC registered version (4.9 and higher).
    For a remote use: WideFS (the most recent) BUT for performance reason, we advise against remote use.


Test definitions created on QTS V1. Are NOT compatible with this release.


  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V1 to V4.x
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX™, ESP™

Information: FS2004 works but it isn’t supported.

  • XPlane 10 and 11 (should work on Xplane 9 but not tested)

Multi Sim, Single sim