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Soft Launcher V4.6

V4.6 published on 02/2020 – DOWNLOAD UPDATE works now on https – You can force the EXECUTION window location and size – New SimConnect implementation and test with Prepar3D V4.5 – FIX: An error could appear the first execution (empty file) – After saving a sound action, the sound Stops – When you tried to…

Flight Sensations Paris B737-800 3dof-Motion Cabin (Cergy)

Who: Flight Sensations Paris Country: France Contact: Website: This customer is using: – our Motion software – FS instructor pro – Soft Launcher pro


Soft Launcher has been completely rewritten. Features FSX & P3D compatibility with FSUIPC/Wideclient or SimCOnnect Xplane compatibility with our Xplane plugin New powerful workflow to create your start sequence Handle new actions (play sounds, manage images, texts, launch program or command…) A new remote software to take the control of each soft launcher  

Flight In Paris – A330 Fixed Base

Who: Flight In Paris Country: France Contact: Website:

FlyBySchool (Spain)

Who: FlyBySchool Country: Spain Contact: Website: FLYBYSCHOOL offers the best integrated training for future airline pilots including modern facilities (at the University of Leon), sims (Boeing 737 NG800, Beechcraft Baron and Cessna 172) and fleet (Tecnam P2002JF, P2006 with glass cockpit and Piper PA-28) They are using Qualification Test Studio under X-plane. Beechcraft…

New: Rudder pedals / Steering tiller manager V3

The application dedicated to people having rudder pedal / steering on joystick controllers was completely rewritten.   Go to this product:

V3.27 – December

Will have published on December 10: Improvements MAP Navigraph support from cycle 1512 – Now VOR and NDB are extracted from Navigraph. We no longer deliver FS Instructor with a navaid database. You can buy the latest navigraph packages on Add WAYPOINTS & FIXES New rose mode FIND/DISPLAY feature for the map (on NAVAID/WAYPOINT/AIRPORT/SID/STAR…

Customized FS Instructor backgrounds

Integrators and commercial users can personalized easily the backgrounds from FS instructor V3.24. You implement your own image. Just read the handbook (pdf file) included with FS Instructor V3.24 and higher. Note: it’s also possible to display your logo during splash screen sequence. Ask us tariff.

PROSIM and Project Magenta FMS support

From FS Instructor V3.22 beta we support flight plans from Prosim and Project Magenta. FS Instructor can be directly connected to these products to extract FMS information.

New: Prosim FMS data module (FS Instructor V3.21)

In May: For Prosim users, we have created a new page to follow FMS information (current route, next waypoints, flight time…) Use “check update” feature to download this version