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This product is dedicated to manage the access to a simulator when you rent pilot time.

Users have access badge (RFID technology). You decide the value of token on each card. For example 500 tokens on the user 1 badge.

When he wants to use your simulator or any PC, he has to authenticate with his card. He selects session time and the token counter is decremented.

Regarding FS Instructor. The cabin is forced in Pause mode until then.

You can create “Instructor” badge with unlimited token.


Focus on the badge

  • The card can be printed with your logo/pictures…
  • Several formats exist. RDIF sticker can be glued on invitation
  • Create your own voucher


All included

Software (Windows 7/8)

  • Badge administrator: software to create, update badge and add tokens. One license.
  • “Universal Access to computer” Plugin. It prevents the use of the PC without badge (users have to authenticate) and decrements token regarding your own rules.


  • 2 Readers/writers RFID USB
  • 1 administrator badge RFID
  • 5 blank RFID cards

Additional information

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm